Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Personal Trainers aren't REAL people are they?

As hands-on health club owners and personal trainers, my husband Michael and I often hear things like:

  • “You guys must only have rabbit food at your house!” (No - we have real food that tastes good!)
  • “What do you feed your kids – protein shakes?” (Well, yes and no. We do make healthy nutrient rich smoothies for snacks. But, we also let them eat junk – just not ALL of the time.)
  • “If I worked in a gym like you, it would be EASY to exercise...” (HA! Try working out and having your boss, co-workers, and customers needing your assistance at all times – we LOVE helping people...but, logistically, it is NOT an easy task to hop on the treadmill on a whim!)
  • “Unlike you trainers...I have a REAL life, I don’t have hours on end to spend working out and cooking nutritious food....What do you expect from me?” (What do you expect from you? If you set the bar low, like on the will probably hit it. And, we don’t have any more hours in the day than you probably do. Last time I checked...we all had 24 hours in a day, right?)

These are just a few of the comments we hear ALL of the time. The fact is that working in the health industry, doesn’t make us immune to the stresses and struggles of balancing everyday life with the ongoing commitment to living healthfully. The key word here is commitment. There are days where you won’t get your scheduled workout. There are days where you get home from work and you have no food in the house because you haven’t been to the grocery store. But, if you make a commitment to living your best life possible, you can circumvent life’s hiccups and come out on the other side a happier and healthier person! Don’t throw in the towel! Let us help you!

In this blog, I will be sharing tips, tricks and anecdotes straight from our household to yours. Stay tuned and you will learn how to make fitness a part of your everyday life with a little bit of grace and a BIG sense of humor.

If you have questions or topic ideas, please email me at I would love to hear from you! Have an incredible week!