Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Stuff Coming Soon...

It's almost 7pm on a Saturday night and I've been working at a fever pitch all day! I'll be blogging all the details of my cooking marathon tomorrow. A sneak peak of what's to come:

  • Carrot Zucchini Bundt Cake and Muffins ad infinum
  • Refried Black Beans Part Deux for the Freezer
  • Sauteed Mexi-Veggies for Clean Tex-Mex Meals
  • Chicken 3 Ways
There is a glass of wine beckoning me from the kitchen and alas more work to do before snuggle time with my crew. I hope you have had a productive and joyful day.  Be sure to check back soon for details on all of the above.


  1. Lookin' forward to the recipes....I need all the help I can get. Johnny "The Butcher" Barrera has high expectations as my trainer! :)

  2. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?